At ESTAD and American Bar Manufacturing, we offer a robust capability from developmental & low-run production to large scale manufacturing production operations, with the tooling development and machine capabilities to support both.

ESTAD is the only authorized CIMMCO Joint Nailer and Kerf Saw dealer providing sales of new and used machines, service to existing machines and the complete line of CIMMCO replacement parts to keep your CIMMCO machines running like new.  We also offer complete refurbishment services for all CIMMCO machines.

ESTAD manufactures Double Tapered Joint Nails & Flared Clamp Nails for the CIMMCO machines well as other automated joint nail machines.

Other ESTAD Products:
Anti-Climb Building/Fence Spikes for fences, buildings, gates and barriers.
Drum Agitators (for both standard 55 gal & customer specific)
Drum Cleaning Chains
Octogon Base Flange Sealers

Other ESTAD Services:
Machining, Tool & Die Development:
  - Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)
  - Computer Numeric Control Machining/Milling (CNC)
  - Precision Lathe Operations
High Definition Plasma Burn Table
Metal Stamping with a variety of press capability
Brake Press


Tel: (800) 346-6161

1005 Griggs St, Danville, IL 61832, United States

Electric Discharge Machining

Anti-Climb Spikes

Fully Automated CNC Mills

ESTAD stamping  & American BAr MFG.